How To Create Effective Marketing Videos for Instagram

Marketing via Instagram is a savvy move for any small business. Designing video content that is specifically tailored to take advantage of the platform’s unique quirks is even savvier. Here are some open secrets regarding how to design the most effective advertising possible for this trendy communication vehicle.

Start With a Splash

Internet users are notorious for having brief attention spans. Making this worse, Instagram’s format encourages rapid browsing by offering endless feeds of random posts, all vying for viewer notice. Make sure your initial imagery draws people in and gives them a reason to keep watching.

Include Text

Many people look at Instagram with the volume turned down. In fact, Instagram mutes filmed material by default. Use large, clear text to make sure your message gets delivered even without sound. Besides being good marketing practice, sensitivity to the needs of those who are hearing impaired is an enlightened gesture.

Provide Content, Not Advertising

Online browsers are looking to be informed and entertained, not pushed to make a purchase. Upping the interest factor in your creations will make people want to watch and hopefully share them. Focus on creating a viral buzz, not selling to an already overly commercialized world.

Think About Framing

The most effective online pitches are those that fill screens. On Instagram, videos cannot be enlarged from within feeds. Accommodate this limitation by shooting vertically and making sure your uploads are at least 600×600 pixels strong. Instagram Stories, however, can be made to fit the screen. Film these pieces horizontally and make sure they achieve a minimum of 1080×1080 pixels.

Be Mindful of Thumbnails

Provide alluring imagery that entices surfers to click on your ad. Think about what type of visual you want to use for a teaser before shooting your masterpiece. The right thumbnail can have a significant impact on the size of the virtual crowd you attract.

Stay Mindful of Branding

Whatever you upload automatically becomes an official representation of your business. Because of this, you need to remain consistent in expressing your company’s values and attitude. Use the same color scheme and communicate with viewers exactly as you do elsewhere. Unvarying presentation helps hammer home your message, instills a sense of dependability and makes you instantly recognizable.

When advertising via Instagram, it is important that your video be created in a manner that suits the service’s strengths. Ignoring its quirks is bound to hamper your ultimate reach. Use the above guidelines to create works that are most likely to engage viewers.