4 Ideas To Improve Content Marketing

Creating material to be used in marketing encompasses many different aspects. The search engine most people use, Google, has long used algorithms to rank material in search results. Their ranking design has changed in the past, and there are indications that they may change again to focus on other aspects or add them to existing algorithms.  Establishing topical authority, creating attention-catching material, focusing on the overall user experience, and personalization can help improve marketing.

Topical authority or the depth of expertise on the subject matter is important because Google considers how well material fits with the context of a website when assigning rankings. Publishing long-form content can help showcase this expertise. It not only establishes an authority, but it also provides useful information to the consumer.

Fun, engaging, and interactive material can catch the consumer’s attention. Most people want to laugh, smile, and take pleasure in life’s revelations. Infographics, quizzes, and short-form videos are different types of interactive formats. This snackable content is more easily consumed by modern audiences with short attention spans. It is estimated that the average attention span is 8 seconds making munchable subject matter a way to stand out from the crowd.

In the past, many marketers focused on catering to Google and their complex method of ranking search results. However, Google is showing signs that it plans to cater more to users rather than its algorithm. The overall user experience is becoming more important, but the site load time and the way in which material is delivered to users remains significant.

Personalizing content is another idea to consider because it can have a positive impact on user experience. Conversational marketing is conducted after the material is created. It allows for one to one communication that is relevant to the individual consumer, which makes them feel more appreciated and heard.

Preparing for the anticipated changes in or additions to Google’s search engine algorithm may help improve marketing. The depth of expertise in the subject matter can be displayed in long-form material. Quizzes, as well as other fun and interactive material, can provide marketing material that is easily digestible by consumers. A focus on the overall user experience rather than an algorithm is preferable in the long run. Personalizing material and utilizing ideas such as conversational marketing can also be helpful. Considering the potential changes in the world’s most used search engine, these four ideas may produce significant benefits in marketing strategy.