2 Ways To Benefit Digital Marketing

Internet advertising is comprised of a never-ending list of technologies, channels, and platforms that propose to change everything. Because of this, brands are faced with deciding what platform to use to reach the target audience and customers with finding a product or service. Focusing on platforms where the target audience resides and optimizing websites for voice based searches can benefit internet advertising strategy.

Social media channels exist in large numbers, and more seem to be created all the time. It is not necessary to be on every social media channel to benefit digital marketing. In fact, spreading content too thinly and across too many channels may backfire and have a negative impact on internet advertising. Instead, spend some time on research to identify the channels that the target audience uses regularly. To avoid overextending the practical aspects of the internet, focus only on those channels where the target audience is found. Relevant, quality content that resonates with the intended audience is a cornerstone of internet advertising regardless of what social media platform is utilized.

Voice and search engine optimization is increasing in popularity with the advent and proliferation of smart speakers. While search engines such as Google account for more than 90 percent of all web traffic and are still the primary source of brand discovery, the use of voice assistants such as Alexa and Siri are increasing in popularity. It is estimated that over five million Americans regularly make purchases with their smart speakers. Over half of smart speaker owners say they are interested in learning about promotions and sales from brands. This shows an obvious potential for retailers that optimize their websites for both voice and text based searches.

A specific focus on social media channels frequented by the target audience and optimizing content for both text and voice searches are just two ways to benefit internet advertising. These ideas to improve internet marketing help highlight the different mediums available for brands to engage, connect, and form a relationship with customers. With so many different ways to connect and interact, it can be helpful to focus on the channels used by the target audience and perfect them before moving on to more. This can help build a more personalized relationship between buyer and seller. Certainly, with the advent of smart speakers and their interface with internet shopping sites, optimizing content for both text and voice search can be a beneficial strategy.